Is your organisation ready for the Digital Switch off. Are your staff are aware of what the Digital Switch is and the implications for your residents.

Housing/Maintenance Managers & Customer Services representatives will benefit from understanding the implications for your residents and will be able to address the inevitable enquiries that will be received during the build up to and during the Switch Over. Concero provides two tailored training products:

DIGITAL TV REVEALED: A half day workshop designed for Customer Services Representatives. The workshop provides an overview of the Digital Switch, the implications for your residents, and addresses the frequently asked questions that will be raised by your residents.

DIGITAL TV A CLEARER VISION: A one day workshop aimed at Housing/ Maintenance Managers/Officers who may be actively involved during the design & deployment phases. Incorporating elements of the Digital TV Revealed workshop the training aims to provide an understanding of the platforms, how they should be installed and what to look for during the build and snagging phase.

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