Project Management

When undertaking the Digital upgrade of your residential portfolio, managing and organising resources ensures that the project is completed within defined scope, quality, time and cost constraints. One of these elements cannot be changed without impacting the others.

Successful Digital TV upgrade projects have one thing in common - they are adequately documented, with clear objectives and deliverables. This approach ensures that your Digital TV upgrade is carried out within budget, to the correct technical standard and is completed within the contract term.

Concero has extensive experience of Project Managing the deployment phase of Digital TV upgrades. Whether Integrated Reception Systems or MATV upgrades we understand that in a project life cycle all stages must be clearly defined and managed from initiation to the final review stage.

Our Consultants have proved an invaluable asset to our client's project teams, our flexible approach allows us to be engaged for the full duration of the deployment phase, or in certain cases during the initial planning process.

Should you consider engaging Concero you will be drawing upon an organisation with experience in ensuring that control of cost and quality is at the core of your Digital TV deployment.

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