Concero launch new Mobile Phone Network Signal Survey service

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Building on our back ground of providing TV & Radio signal surveys for Developers, Concero have now launched their Mobile Phone Network Signal Survey service
Our signal reception surveys identify the level of coverage for existing developments building or areas. The surveys can also assist in understanding the likely coverage in and around proposed new developments. We are also able to assess the likely impact upon mobile phone coverage and mobile network operations from tall structures wind farms & wind turbines. Our service also extends to conducting automated high resolution in-building surveys with advanced mobile network signal receiving and processing hardware. The results of the surveys can be used to determine internal mobile network coverage, identify network coverage problems and to gain an understanding of signal penetration (or attenuation) through different building materials. Concero use advanced radio signal processing hardware and signal processing software for all GSM-R, 2G, 3G and 4G mobile network surveys providing network owners with detailed analysis of network performance and coverage.